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Place long url and change it in to short link:

Why bether not to short links / cut links?

Skracanie linków, rysunek narzędzia do cięcia (nożyczki)   Often, there is no need to use sites offering short links. More over, in some cases they are difficulty.

- Aliases as a threat

By receiving a link with a shortened URL from a person we do not know, we should be alerted. After the name of link, you do not know where you will be redirected. It's possible that the content you get from this link suggests the landing page, but often this is not true. Fortunately, the browsers are largely used to help, usually warn against attempting to download malicious software or redirecting to malicious code pages before the page from the destination address loads. However, they will not protect you from any inconveniences or scandals.

- Awkward situations

Who would like to use a public computer for example at a university or at work and in the least expected moment to be redirected to websites with adult content.


So why is provided short links service?

  The imperfection of tools generating short links is outlined above. Nevertheless, the URLs you use do not always have an accessible name.

- Flaws in lots of useful websites.

Generated links, eg from bus connections or flights with airlines can have several dozen characters. The same when comparing, for example, holiday offers. tour packages or a list of hotels. The more we set in the search rules (standard, food, region, etc.), the longer will be the link with results, even down to several hundred characters.<

- Search engines don't bring help

And what about image search results in well-known search engines? They can be really long, because in the links themselves are hidden data to determine whether you browse the photo or click on it or someone else will come to view this image after submitting this link, that is becouse the search engines extend the links in their results, never mind what purpose they have, that isn't the matter of this case. For us users, this is an inconvenience especially if you want to share your search results with others.

- No necessity but convenience

These cases are extremely long links, but how often used and shared by us on a daily basis.


The length of URLs is not always an inconvenience.

- Save the number of characters or let it go if you do not need to

Length is not in itself an obstacle. If the data we are viewing is needed only for the time of the current browsing and we do not wish to send it to anybody further through popular methods of communication and data transfer, in fact shortening the link would be only "art for the same art". Don't try to cut link if it won't give you advantage.



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